Three Simple Weight Loss Tips For A Slimmer You

Many weight loss industry moguls would have you believe that losing weight is a near impossible task (unless, of course, you buy their product!). But weight loss doesn't have to be complicated. Here are three simple tips to remember when pursuing a slimmer you.

1) Focus on a healthy viewpoint for a healthy body.

Do you find yourself longing to look like the supermodel on the television? Do you quietly envy your best friend's slim waistline? Are you striving to lose 9 pounds of fat in just a week because the lady on the infomercial did? If so, you need to stop immediately. Comparing yourself to others is a sure-fire way to set you up for disappointment. Consider some important points:

weight control, atkins diet program, fastest weight loss, If you find yourself wishing you looked as good as someone else, analyse why they look the way they do. Have they been blessed with good genes? Do they lead a healthy, active lifestyle? Do they eat well? Are they harming their bodies in order to look that way? Learn to love the body shape your genes have given you. While we can't all look like Amazon goddesses, we can look healthy and sexy if we put in the effort. Instead of looking at what other people look like, focus on the mental image of a "healthy you". Many weight loss programs promote unhealthy practices in order to achieve a lower scale reading in a short period of time. Such programs can lead to malnutrition, future weight gain and eating disorders. Do you really want to create these problems for yourself? Wouldn't you rather a healthier, slimmer "you" for LIFE?

2) Eat healthy and moderately.

It's no secret that in order to lose weight, you need to eat healthy foods. Explore all the options food can offer. You can eat tasty, healthy meals on a budget- you just need to take the time to learn how. Many people feel that in giving up junk food, you're giving up everything that tastes good. This is simply not the case! And the best thing is, if you stick to your new, healthy way of eating, you won't even crave those old junk foods anymore. What's more, you will actually find eating such food sickening. Isn't it heartening that you won't always be waging a war against temptation?

There is just one more key point to consider when it comes to the food you eat. Even healthy food can cause you to gain weight if you eat too much. Food contains energy, and any energy that isn't used by the body is turned into fat. The body requires a certain amount of energy each day just to be able to function. It needs additional energy in order to do physical activity (mopping the floors? You're burning energy). If you ensure that the amount of energy you consume is less than the energy your body burns on a daily basis, your body will start burning fat and you will lose weight.

So does this mean that starving yourself the answer? Definitely not! While you may burn fat initially, starving yourself for even short periods of time will lead to malnutrition. Your body can even start consuming muscle to get energy. The other potential side effects are too numerous to mention in this article, but the end result can be hospitalization or even death.

Focus on eating healthy foods in moderate amounts, and you will lose weight.

3) Exercise isn't evil!

As we mentioned, burning more energy than you consume will lead to weight loss. Exercise will help accomplish a few things:Exercise will help burn additional energy, helping to avoid further weight gain and to assist with greater weight loss results. Your body will continue to burn additional energy even after an exercise session- even if you're sitting down! Exercise will help you to look and feel great. To get that firm, toned look, fat loss alone isn't enough- you have to exercise. But that's okay, because exercise will make you feel great too. During exercise the body releases "feel-good hormones" that will boost your mood.

Keep these tips in mind when you set off on your weight loss journey. "Quick fixes" to weight problems will only leave you disappointed in the long term. Leading a healthy, active lifestyle and eating the right amounts of tasty, nutritious food will improve the quality of your life tenfold. Best of all, you will look fantastic!

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