Factors Which Create a Healthy Weight Loss Program

A healthy dieting program should not only enable us to shed those unwanted pounds, but should also help improve our general health, fitness and wellbeing. We need to address any influences which have caused our weight gain in the first place, and prevent any health problems caused by taking risks with our health. A healthy weight loss program, to be effective and permanent, needs to include many factors which can help us maintain a healthy weight loss.

Elements of a healthy weight reduction program are:

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The dieting plan we choose to follow should primarily focus on nutrition rather than concentrating on calorie reduction. Our main focus should be on eating from all the major food groups, concentrating mainly on the nutrient rich elements of each group. Of course we also have to reduce our intake of fats, sugar, simple carbohydrates and a general reduction in our calorie intake.

Tasty Food

Some healthy programs can tend to be a little repetitive, boring and often lack flavour. This does not necessarily have to be the case. We should be sure to choose a healthy weight loss program that includes all the delicious foods and ingredients that we enjoy preparing and eating. There is no need to opt for complex recipes that take up a lot of time and need a lot of preparation. We can choose simple, tasty dishes that taste great, with little effort or skill required.

A Balanced program

A balanced weight loss program is a much healthier option. We have to program ourselves to balance not only our eating habits, but also our lifestyle habits and learn to take better care of ourselves. Losing weight healthily goes much further than focusing on the numbers on the scales going down. Our program as a whole has to include many additional factors, for example exercising on a daily basis, drinking plenty of water, getting a balance of rest and relaxation. We should also address emotions and stress management to create a mentally focused balance.

Mind and Body

Being overweight is not normally purely a physical problem. Embarking on a healthy program will help us to acknowledge this fact, and encourage us to mentally focus on our quest to lose weight healthily. We may need to dispel negative thoughts and focus our mind on positive actions, whilst convincing ourselves that we can and will succeed. We also need to learn to be confident in our own mind and body and learn to love ourselves.

Keep Motivated

Retaining motivation is vital to the success of our weight loss goals. It is important therefore to select a weight loss program that helps us to stay motivated and rewards our success. Many programs have a reward system, perhaps a free month membership if we are in a slimming club and have reached a milestone in our weight loss. If we are following a plan which has no reward plan, then we should invent our own. Perhaps we could put a couple of dollars in a jar for each pound we lose, then when we have reached a milestone, treat ourselves to a manicure, hair do or even a new addition to our wardrobe in a smaller size. It is important to keep our motivation going in any way possible to keep our weight loss dream alive, and stop us becoming bored and perhaps even tempted to give up.

We may not be able to find a weight loss program that covers all the requirements we need, so we could consider creating our own personal plan. We could select various elements from different weight loss programs that appeal and that we feel could work for us personally.

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