Intended and Unintended Weight Loss

Weight loss is the reduction of the overall body mass. Loosing weight can be intentional or unintentional. In either case, the body's fat and fluid levels are reduced, in effect affecting other areas and parts of the body, leading to a reduced overall weight.

Loosing weight unintentionally

Unintentional weight loss occurs because of illnesses, negative health conditions and diseases. Such diseases and conditions as cancer and HIV/AIDS have devastating effects on the body, seriously affecting the normal functioning of body cells, leading to loss of weight.

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Apart from illnesses, health conditions and diseases, unintended weight reduction can also be caused by lack of a proper diet. Inadequate food also has the same effect.

Another cause of unpremeditated fat loss is medication drugs. Some prescription drugs meant to cure or manage health conditions have serious side effects that include unintentional loss of weight. This is particularly with those drugs that are used over along period.

Some causes of unintentional weight loss can effectively be managed to minimize the rate of loosing weight. Most inadvertent weight reduction programs focus on diet as the best way of arresting such loss.

Loosing weight intentionally

Intentional loss of weight occurs because of several practices that an individual may undertake. Intentional weight loss practices are undertaken for various reasons, which include:

· Health - Overweight individuals are likely to suffer from diseases such as heart diseases, diabetes, stroke and high blood pressure. Such individuals can undertake to reduce their weight in an effort to eliminate the risk of the mentioned diseases.

· Fitness - A non-overweight and healthy individual can undertake intentional weight reduction programs in an effort to gain body fitness. Such programs are mainly undertaken by those participating in sports activities. Other health conscious individuals also undertake programs that help them in reducing or managing their weight.

Various intentional loosing weight programs are available in the market. However, not any weight loss program may be suitable for everyone. An unsuitable program can have very serious negative effects on an individuals overall health and it is recommended that one consults his/her doctor to discuss the most suitable program to go for.

A suitable program actually depends on an individuals overall health condition. Although all the intentional fat loss programs aim for the same thing, which is to reduce weight, they do so in different ways and an individual may have to be assessed before a suitable program is identified.

It is very important to note that a suitable intentional weight reduction program should not be that which produces instant weight reduction results. Quick loosing weight programs shock the body' negatively affecting the body and posing the risk of health problems. Upon identifying a suitable intentional program, one should stick to it and make it a routine undertaking. This way, the body loses weight in a safe way.

The intentional weight loss programs available in the market include diet, exercises, supplements and pills. These programs are developed, designed or manufactured bay various experts and companies. As regards pills and supplements, it is important for one to seek for detailed information before using them. This is because some of them are manufactured using varied ingredients that may not be suitable for all.


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