Weight Loss Friends - Do You Need a Lot or Just One?

My 1st Attempt On Meal Replacement

Let me share a bit about my weight loss story. The 1st meal replacement that I started with is through testimonials, pictures and VCD. I got started with the products sense lonely, as because I feel that I am the only one who use the products to lose my weight. Well, I would say that it is self motivated, and yes... I did manage to lost 2-3kgs.

My 2nd Attempt On Another Meal Replacement

The 2nd attempt is the meal replacement that transformed my changes. I personally come to feel that how I got to know the products is one thing. But, the individual who is there and be there for me when I have any questions, any doubts about my dieting schedule and menu that assists so much in my weight management program.

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My Gratitude Goes To My Weight Loss Mentor

She makes me believe in the meal replacement that I am taking will help to change my weight. But it has never came across my thoughts that I can change my body shape too. My bodyweight loss mentor is reachable at anytime that I want to speak to her. Be it through telephone calls, SMS or e-mail. I can get my reply pretty much instantly when I required it.


Is the self confidence that I have for my mentor, that I feel in her that she will be the one able to help my change my body weight. Because of the believe and self confidence that she gave me, I achieved my lose weight results.

Weight Loss Friends - Who're they? Where to look for them?

There is no need to have a lot of such friends. Just one friend will help a lot with your weight loss journey. Simply because it is about quality and not quantity. If you ask me, who can be your best weight loss friends, I would say your coach will be the ideal weight loss friend that you should have. They will be the one be there for you, assist you and to encourage you.

Will You Be My Friend?

A nice lady that I had a communication with, asked me... "Will you be my buddy?". I replied to her, all of my students are my buddies. I never want to treat them like a business deal. Business deal for me is like, you buy the products from me, I collect the money from you and you can never be able to reach me to get the support or guidance. Friendship is crucial to me.

If my students don't feel comfortable with me, they are scared to ask concerns, or don't feel like talking to me, then when they met challenges along the way and don't know how to handle. That's end of their losing weight

I want the best for my buddies...

I want them to get results under my guidance and support, just like how I achieved my own success in losing weight.

Weight Loss Friends = Your Personal Weight Management Coach

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