Prevent Weight Regain - A Key Strategy to Maintain Weight Loss

The worst possible scenario for any dieter is to regain the weight he or she lost. This is the nightmare faced by about 80% dieters who fail to maintain their weight loss. Within months the pounds creep right back and, usually, plus some.

Weight loss maintenance need not be a horror story. It can be managed. After all, recent studies indicate that up to 20% of dieters succeed long term.

Reviewing the information provided by the successors, one key strategy kept showing up consistently. It is a surprisingly simple one and unfortunately one that is contrary to the belief of many weight loss coaches.

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One of the key strategies to prevent weight regain is: frequent weighing

Although frequent weighing is not wise when you are trying to shed the pounds, weighing yourself often is essential when you want to maintain weight loss permanently. Many of the successful weight losers weigh themselves daily or at least 3 times per week.

Daily or frequent weigh-ins allow one to recognize weight gain early and allow one to nip it in the bud. In other words, it lets one remedy the situation early, before it gets out of hand. It is much easier to take off 5 or less pounds than to eliminate a weight gain of 10 or more pounds.

Whatever schedule of weigh-ins you decide to take up, ensure to:

Weigh yourself at the same time of the day. The best is to weigh yourself first thing in the morning as your weight fluctuates during the day. Establish a maximum upper limit for your weight and be adamant not to exceed it. Recognize that fluid retention from eating salty foods or during menstrual cycles in women may cause weight fluctuations upwards. Do not get upset and berate yourself for gaining a small amount of weight when that happens. Simply resort to whatever your game plan is for getting that weight off again right away. Your plan may include reducing your sugar and fat uptake, eliminate snacking and /or increase your level of physical activity.

Preventing weight regain and maintaining your weight loss permanently is a lifetime effort. It is something that needs to stay with you for life, just like brushing your teeth.

Weight loss maintenance is not a nightmare. Maintaining your weight is an automatic or a habitual fact of your new and healthy lifestyle.

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