3 Fast Weight Loss Mind Tricks

Fast weight loss is what everybody is searching for nowadays. We're looking for pills, potions, extreme weight loss diets and some even develop diseases such as bulimia or anorexia.

But let's face it... Weight loss is a state of mind. The same mindset that brings success in making money or getting better relationships is the one that will help you lose weight.

And the mindset goes something like this: "Persistence until achievement!"

But, like most things, this is easier said than done, right?

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Well, you'd be surprised at how fast you can train your brain to help you with your weight loss instead of blocking you in every way possible. And by the end of this article you'll have three amazing tricks up your sleeve to use to literally train your brain for fast and healthy weight loss!

Hopefully you're open minded enough to actually try these techniques out and give them a shot because without action there can be no results.

So, let's quickly look at these techniques in more detail...

Technique #1: Personal Power For Weight Loss

This is a visualization technique and it works very well. It will help you achieve personal power and motivation to lose weight.

It goes like this...

1.) Think of a situation in the context of losing weight, where you lack personal power or proper motivation (for example, when you go by the refrigerator or when you're watching TV and you can't help yourself but to have a snack... Or maybe when it's time to exercise and you just simply can't find the motivation...)

2.) Now visualize the situation as clearly as possible. Imagine as if it were projected on a screen in front of you. Notice very carefully the different aspects of the visualization... Where do you see it on the screen (Center? To the left or right? Top or bottom?...), is it in color or black and white? Do you see it in the first person or are you looking at it as an outside observer? Is it still or playing as a movie? Is it close or more far away? Are there any sounds, smells, feelings etc.? Note these details and remember them. You can also write them down.

3.) Now clear your mind a bit (look around a bit, take a few deep breaths) and, depending on what you chose above (the personal power or motivation), think of a situation where you know you have a lot of personal power or think of something that really motivates you - something where you take action no matter what (could be ANYTHING. Remember, only you know what that is).

4.) With the new image in mind, notice all the details and write them down. How are the details of this new image different from the image before?

5.) Clear your mind again and do the following. Take the fist image (where you had no personal power or where you couldn't find motivation) and slide it to the spot in your mind where your personal power or motivation image resides. Now begin changing the parameters of this image to make it more like the second image. Play with this a bit. Add sounds if necessary, add smells, add feelings, add color, add movement, change the point of view. Make the first image as closely resemble the second one.

6.) Now that you've done this, notice how differently you feel about the situation. Did you gain personal power? Do you find exercising motivating now? You'll find that the feelings and overall attitude has indeed changed!

7.) Take action! Now that you're motivated, go do the exercise. You can reinforce this by imagining all the benefits weight loss will bring you. Imagine a time in the future when you already lost weight and see yourself happy and proud to have achieved this. Imagine looking back at this very moment of being the start of it all.

Technique #2: Funny voices and personal power theme song

The previous technique was a visualization technique. A certain percent of people react better to the inner dialogue and are better motivated by sounds, music etc.

This is an exercise to utilize this modality to your advantage...

1.) Think of a situation when you have low personal power and you're about to do something that's against your diet. Notice your internal dialogue. Notice where the "voice" is coming from. More from the left or the right? Is it a low-pitch or a high-pitch voice? Is it commanding or seductive or anything else? Is it loud or quiet?

2.) Now change the pitch of the voice to make if very high and to make it resemble a funny cartoon character. Play with this. Make it sound silly and maybe add some circus music in the background. Make it more and more quiet and make it more and more distant.

3.) Now whenever you're in a situation when you're about to talk yourself into cheating on your diet, do this exercise. Make the voice sound silly and slowly fade it away.

Now, the second part is the motivation or personal power theme song.

1.) Imagine a situation when you're really motivated to do something. Is there something you say to yourself just before you do it? Notice the qualities of the voice just as you did above.

2.) Now, the next time it's time for you to exercise, for example, use this internal voice to motivate yourself. You can also add a powerful music (the one that motivates you) in the background.

You'll find that these techniques work very well.

Technique #3: Subliminal Video Stimulation

Now this technique is the easiest and requires no work besides watching a 3 minute subliminal video.

The video contains subliminal messages that were proven in laboratory settings to trigger automatic weight loss and healthy eating behavior in overweight people.

The subliminal messages embedded in the video work directly on the subconscious mind and program it for weight loss. The users typically begin to automatically prefer healthy food and change their behavior to promote weight loss.

The changes are subtle but very powerful and the best part is that they are completely automatic and require absolutely no physical or emotional effort.

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