Weight Loss: 5 More Lies That Keep You Fat

Are you frustrated with your lack of weight loss results. It is believed by many, that for decades now we have been systematically lied to about how to lose weight and keep it off. We have been giving so many lies in fact, that we no longer know what is truth and what is not. One book or news report might tell us that fat is bad for us while another says it is good for us. One diet says that if we eat carbohydrates that it will make us fat while another tells us that carbs are not the problem. If you are tired of the lies and want the truth so you can lose weight once and for all, then carefully consider these 5 more lies we often tell ourselves.

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An hour of exercise burns only a few hundred calories, the amount in one rich desert, so I don`t feel it is worth it for weight loss. You don`t exercise just for the calories burned while exercising. You do it because it raises metabolism, improves blood flow and oxygen levels and increases muscle mass. This all works together to change the inner workings of the body from a fat storage facility to a fat burning furnace. I like to weigh myself daily when I diet to see that I am making progress. When you weigh yourself daily you are focusing on weight loss. As long as you do this it will always be temporary. The weight loss will only be permanent when you begin focusing on changing your life long habits to eating and exercising for health and energy and addressing other issues that affect your weight. I must adhere to the strictest of diets if I am to lose weight. No matter how strict a diet you follow, if it is meant to be temporary, so will the results. The only permanent weight loss plan is a permanent eat healthy and exercise healthy plan that you can live with for life. If I indulge even one time during a diet, it sabotages the whole thing and I might as well forget it. Excessive weight gain is most usually caused by habitual addictions learned because of other un-addressed issues in ones life. To start to change that addiction and address the other issues takes time. Some relapse into bad behavior is normal and to be expected. The key is when you find yourself back in old habits, cut it off short and don`t allow yourself to indulge too long. Weight loss is all about the amount of daily calories I consume and the amount of exercise I get. Other activities really play no role with my weight. Food and exercise are only part of the story regarding your weight. If you have emotional, relational, work or spiritual discord, it is highly likely it will have a significant effect on your weight. Stress and Self Esteem issues are major contributors to weight problems. Doing real soul searching to understand who you are is necessary as part of your life long plan to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

Every day we are bombarded with information about weight loss. At the same time we are equally bombarded by advertisements for fast food, tasty treats and more. The only way we will ever be able to combat all of this is by coming to a correct understanding about ourselves, food and how things like stress play major roles in our overall health and body weight. The truth is in you. Take a look deep inside to find it. When you do, your weight will become a concern that is easily managed.

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