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What does an expert in weight loss really mean these days? If you believe everything you read probably not very much. With the advent of the internet anyone can make a quick website and then proclaim they are an expert in the field. So what do you do?

If you are the careful type you can use the internet to your advantage and do a little research on the person in question. You need to make sure the sites you go to are reputable and when in doubt listen to that little voice in your head; The one that says "if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is."

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So let me tell you what to look for when checking to see if someone is an expert in the weight loss field. Credentials are always helpful; they show practical experience in the medical or nutritional fields. A doctor should know his or her stuff and should be considered an expert in the weight loss field. A nutritionist would make a good weight loss expert as well. Then there are a few self-taught guru's out there that are fitness and dietary experts from their own personal experience. You will have to be the judge in this category, or check with a doctor or nutritionist to be safe.

This brings up a good point for debate; what if you were a slender doctor and never had a weight issue in your life? Would that make you as good an expert as a doctor that once had weight problems and conquered them? The same point would apply to nutritionists as well.

If you have children you will appreciate this example. Have you ever had a single person without children try to give you advice on how to raise your child? If you have you would know that you take what they say with a grain of salt. Why? Because they have never been there so they really have no idea how they would react or what they would do.

So an ideal weight loss expert should be a professional, or a degree in nutrition or related science, with practical personal experience in weight loss issues. Second place would be a self-taught, guru, that has figured out the diet and fitness issues of weight loss. Just make sure that what works for them has worked for others as well. They all should teach basic nutrition with real, no pre packaged foods. If you wish to lose weight permanently you will have to incorporate some sort of exercise, walking is fine, with whatever you do.

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