Quick Start Plan for Fast Weight Loss

To achieve a rapid weight loss, we need to establish a clear plan, and stay on track and focused. We are often confused by conflicting weight loss advice, and also struggle to choose which plans are likely to be the most successful and which are not. Below are a few useful tips that will help us quick start our weight loss plan, enabling us to achieve maximum progress in the least possible time.

- Increase Water Consumption

By drinking plenty of water we will easily and quickly achieve a noticeable progress in our weight loss plan. If we aim to drink between 1.5-2 litres of water per day it will help flush any toxins from our body, speed up digestion, and help dispose of any water which is stored in the body. This will result in instant weight loss from the elimination of stored water within the body and will also relieve bloating.

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- Be Selective

We should aim to eliminate refined and processed foods to achieve quick, noticeable results. Most fried, sugary, convenience foods and often canned food and drink usually contain preservatives, dyes and chemicals which can promote hunger and ultimately weight gain. If we can replace these elements with fresh, whole, naturally organic options, it will not only be beneficial to our health but also promote easy, quick weight loss.

- Increase Fibre Intake

High fibre diets are known to help in the disposal of toxins from our body, not only that, but they also boost our metabolism. Whole grain products such as brown rice and brown pasta, fresh fruit and vegetables as well as pulses are all high in fibre. If we incorporate high fibre foods with lean protein and healthy fats we will notice a reduction in appetite, and will also feel satisfied and full for much longer. Fibre is also excellent for the digestive system, helping food move smoothly through the body.

Although these three tips will quickly start our healthy weight loss plan, it is also best to include an exercise regime to burn up even more calories. We should, however not attempt to over exert ourselves with over doing the exercise, we should gradually increase intensity and time. Perhaps we should consider a health check with our doctor before beginning an exercise programme.

Although the advice above is safe and easy for a quick start weight loss programme, we should also take care how we approach losing weight quickly. We do not want to jeopardise our health and wellbeing for the sake of rapid weight loss. The tips above really do work if we adhere to them until we achieve the results we want.

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