5 Common Barriers to Your Weight Loss Diet and How to Smash Through Them

Have you tried to follow a weight loss diet and come up against certain barriers that hold you back or derail you from your weight loss plan. Don't worry many of us have, but I believe if we can identify some of those barriers beforehand we can create strategies to break through them. So I have identified 5 of the most common barriers to sticking with a weight loss diet and provided tips to smash through them.

5 of the most common barriers to a weight loss diet are:

1. Life is just too hectic!

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This causes you to skip meals or eat inappropriate foods due to a lack of time.

Solution - Have a plan of your day and find ways you can improve your time management, your food preparation should be a priority.

2. All the 'wrong foods' are so easy to get.

With the massive increase in 'convenience food' there is inappropriate food choices available to you at every turn.

Solution - just because the 'wrong food' is around you does not mean you have to eat it! Self discipline is key, I know it can be difficult especially when you live and work with people who have different eating habits to yourself. You can either remove the wrong foods so that isn't a choice, such as in your fridge at home, or if you are finding it tough to avoid foods at a certain time of day, remove yourself from the situation.

3. I get caught up in social eating.

There are many situations when you will be with others eating in a social setting and will find yourself making poor food choices for weight loss.

Solution - Do not eat to please other people. Pick the foods that you know are low fat and if dining out choose the entree size meal instead of the main size.

4. I get overwhelmed with so many changes to my eating habits.

There are a lot of changes you may have to make to your daily eating habits in order to lose weight and sometimes you feel there are so many that you don't change any at all and you fail to lose weight.

Solution - Choose one or two diet goals per week and set about making these changes, making these small changes will add up to success in your eating habits over the longer term. Remember weight loss is a long term solution and changes will take time.

5. I get disheartened by constant weighing and self measurement.

When you are on a weight loss program the measurements of your weight or body fat are a crucial measure to gauge your progress. However doing this too often can cause you to feel you are not getting the results you are wanting.

Solution - If you are weighing yourself do this weekly rather than daily, and do so at the same time of day wearing the same clothes. Your weight can vary widely from day-to-day depending on hydration, what time of day you are weighing yourself, and of course the clothes you wear.

So now you are armed with knowledge of 5 common barriers to your weight loss diet and have some solutions in your tool box to smash through them. Becoming aware of the stumbling blocks you may face on your journey is a key component to being able to avoid or better manage them. I totally recommend you also educate yourself with diet and exercise programs that correctly target fat burning and weight loss using effective and safe methods. This will help you get the most out of your time and efforts and will see you drop that weight for the long-term.

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