Personal Trainer Explains Real Facts On Rapid Weight Loss

As a personal trainer, I get people every day who want a quick-fix solution to their weight problems. To all of you out there reading this and to anyone that you will discuss weight loss with; there is NO magic formula you can use for rapid weight loss. As any good fitness Trainer will tell you, you CANNOT spot reduce, i.e. lose weight from any one selected part of your body, and that any rapid weight loss that might seem to work, is only temporary. Weight loss is uniform, and an effective workout would include both cardiovascular and strength-training elements that will decrease your overall body fat content, including the area around your midsection.

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Here are some fitness workout myths busted:

- You can spot reduce.

You can't. Fat loss is uniform.

- Weight training will bulk you up

This one's for the ladies. We know the last thing you want is to look like a contender for Mr. America, so trust me when we say weight training WON'T bulk you up. Weight training in fact the easiest and quickest way to lose body fat and increase muscle definition, all while gaining strength, reducing the risk of osteoporosis, heart disease and diabetes.

- Low intensity workouts help you lose fat faster

The truth is that fat burning depends on your caloric balance. This means you must burn more calories than you consume to effectively burn fat.

- The more exercise, the better

There is such a thing as too much working out, which is where the guidance of a certified fitness trainer is vital. A trainer will help you balance the length and intensity of your workout. Talk to any personal trainer to help you determine a safe workout program that does not overwork your body and is not counterproductive.

- 'I can eat anything I want too. I'll just work it off later.'

A good diet goes hand-in-hand with a fitness program. Poor nutrition actually works to cancel out some of the effort you put into making your body feel and look good.

- 'If it hurts, I'm probably working out hard enough.'

As any good fitness trainer will tell you, this myth is perhaps the most harmful; because it could mean that you have hurt or are actually hurting yourself. Soreness after exercise is expected in some cases, but extreme pain should not be experienced.

We understand that today's fast paced lifestyle fuel the need for 'quick fixes', especially when it comes to a maintaining a healthy body, but nothing could me more harmful that a temporary 'quick fix'. Weight loss boot camps help you lose excess weight, tone lean muscle,maintain a healthy metabolism and improve overall well being.

A sound weight loss boot camp program also helps you kick the habit. Whether its cigarettes, or alcohol, there's no better way to kick an unhealthy, action to replace it with a new one. So get started on a new lifestyle today, with a weight loss boot camp program.

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The Diet Solution Program

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