What Makes a Good Weight Loss Exercise Plan?

What makes the best weight loss exercise plan?

There are many different types of exercise plans all with different goals. The two most popular exercise plans are for muscle building and losing weight. To do both effectively you will need to incorporate both for maximum results.

For muscle building you will need to lift heavy weights with low reps however you will also need to lift weights for losing weight this can be with your body weight so no equipment is necessary.

What is the main exercise for losing weight?

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The best exercise for fat loss is cardio as this burns a lot of calories while getting fitter. The main goal for your exercise plan should be to burn off the foot you have eaten earlier. So for our exercise plan we will need high intensity short workouts.

Doing cardio and weight lifting is ideal for this as it will get your heart rate up.

Here are some examples:

Push ups
Sit ups

You can use any of these exercises in your plans they will all burn calories the intensity will depend on your fitness, overtime your fitness will improve and you will need more intense workouts to keep up.

A great way to track your progress is by setting yourself goals each week set an amount of time or reps of a certain exercise and every week try to add more reps or time. If you keep doing the same amount you may find yourself in a rut and the weight loss will become slower. To achieve rapid weight loss you need to keep pushing yourself.

A weight loss exercise plan must include cardio and weight training to be the most effective while keep pushing yourself if done correctly you will be burning off a very high amount of calories helping you lose weight.

For more information on weight loss exercises read my other articles where I go more into the plan's and exercises to help you lose weight.

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