How to Save for a New Wardrobe After Weight Loss

A major concern for many of us when are aiming for our weight loss goal, is how we can afford to replace our oversize clothes. We all know how expensive new clothes can be, particularly when a substantial weight loss can mean replacing everything from underwear through to coats and jackets.

The last thing we need when focusing on our diet is worrying about how we can afford to replace our wardrobe. Here is a way to begin a savings campaign which will not only help us refresh our wardrobe but also motivate us into achieving our weight loss goal.

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A good idea is to set aside a jar or container of some description and label it "New Wardrobe Fund". Position it in a prominent place where it is a constant reminder of our weight loss goal. For each pound we lose we should try to deposit a dollar or two in our jar. We should aim to do this on a weekly basis, for example if we have lost 2 pounds we should deposit $2-$4 dollars. This may seem a minimal amount of money but it is surprising how quickly it mounts up as our weight loss increases.

If we only need to lose a little weight, then we can increase our saving to $5 per pound perhaps, providing it will not cause any hardship. By doing this our fund will increase faster and make it much more worthwhile.

Imagine how exciting it will be as we watch our savings grow, and we can look forward to investing in a slimmer wardrobe.

Of course we can add extra funds to our pot in many ways too. We can shop around for less expensive low-calorie drinks and foods. Make nutritious home-made vegetable soups which are much cheaper than bought ones. Replace coffee with green tea and low-calorie drinks with water. There are many ways that savings can be made if we take the time and trouble to implement them. By doing this we will not only boost our new wardrobe fund but also help increase our weight loss.

Even if we only need to lose a little weight and our wardrobe will need just a minor makeover, we can still save for some special treats as a reward. How about just a couple of new outfits, shoes, new hair do, gym equipment or even a gym membership? Perhaps we could put the money into a charity fund, a special treat for the family or a pamper day for ourselves. However we chose to use our savings, the rewards at the end of our weight loss programme will be a welcome addition to the way we feel, and boost our confidence in the way we look.

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