Rapid Weight Loss Doesn't Have to Be a Struggle

When trying to achieve rapid weight loss it doesn't have to be a struggle however it will need hard work. A lot of people will try and make you believe that to achieve rapid weight loss you will need to diet heavily and go to the gym 6-7 times a week to see any real fat loss. However I'm going to tell you how you can lose weight without all that.

Proper Nutrition

When trying to lose weight you should be aiming for 6-7 meals a day while taking in 1500-1700 calories daily. The reason you should be eating more often it to increase your metabolism. What this does is help you burn off more calories through out the day. You should be cutting around 500 calories from the amount it takes to keep your weight. Doing this will result in 1-2 pounds of fat loss every week.

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Fat Loss Exercise Plan

Losing weight will be greatly increase if you exercise at the same time as dieting. Doing this 3-4 times weekly will burn off a high amount of calories which depending how hard you workout will determine your weight loss. However adding onto your diet will lead to huge fat loss. There is no way around weight loss without dieting and exercise otherwise nobody would struggle with weight issues. However with determination and the right diet plan you will lose weight at a surprisingly fast rate.

You will be aiming for 3 pounds of fat loss every week however this may not sound like a lot this weight will stay off. If you are taking pills or losing water weight this will come back on soon so you have to diet effectively.

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Total Wellness Cleanse


Total Wellness Cleanse


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