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I have an unfortunate announcement for you. It is not mandatory to do these exercises with premium or expensive equipment. If you have recently purchased a treadmill or have allocated a section of your home to a multi - gym, or if you pay an astronomical fee for a gym membership, the naked truth is you don't really need any of those products to increase your weight loss.

In a moment, I will be showing and explaining to you 6 solid exercises, but realistically, you can practice any creditable weight loss exercises using your body weight or a pair of dumbbells.

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The most essential piece of a good workout program is actually, your diet. Exercise is important but falls second to diet. Implementing a low carbohydrate intake diet, or just simply eating smaller meals more often will definitely, be the game changer when chasing weight loss.

Exercises that help you lose weight increase the rate at which you burn fat, but even the best program or method cannot defeat an unhealthy diet. Right below are some of the best fat incinerating exercises you need to incorporate into your workout. None of them include the standard sluggish cardio.
If you implement these exercises in conjunction you will melt of the pounds and a reasonable amount of time.

Weight Loss Exercise Number One - Squats

It is no secret that if you practice split squats, bar squats, body weight squats or any form of squat or motion that employs the use of the leg muscles that you can burn off the calories fast.
Make sure to keep your hips back and centralize your focus around making your legs do all of the work.

Weight Loss Exercise Number Two - Pushing Motion Exercises

To define the upper muscles in your body such as shoulders, triceps and chest you'll need to utilize a pushing exercise, such as a chest/bench press, push ups, or above-the-shoulder press. This can be accomplished using your body weight, resistance based fiber bands, or just plain dumbbells.

Weight Loss Exercise Three - Pulling Motion Exercises
You can employ pull ups into your workout to address your lateral's, biceps and sometimes shoulders. You will find that this works well due to the back having a large amount of muscle mass, i.e. a great place to start shaving off calories during a workout. Dumbbells are efficient for basic pulling as well but gravity and your body weight is also sufficient.

Weight Loss Exercise Number Four - Leg focused rhythms

Expediting leg based exercises can be utilized for fine tuning or toning your specific muscles in the leg like the calf, quads, and sometimes hamstrings. Stairs, jump rope, step ups, squats, dead lunges, seat press, all are eligible to dominate and achieve more leg integrity.

Weight Loss Exercise Number Five - Abs, Abs, Abs

Try using a medicine ball and sit half upright while moving the ball from a left to right motion consistently. Regular planks, side planks, mixing up a variety of different crunch techniques will be the most beneficial. Dancing is great for abs and legs in general, as well as cardio.

Weight Loss Exercise Six - Interval Based Training

Try implementing some cardio, go for a run, do some jumping jacks, get out and move around a little bit. Swing your arms, carry some wood, play some basketball.

To summarize you don't have to be at the mercy of the gym. There are plenty of great weight loss exercises and routines you can do outside of the gym for free. You can even do them in between accomplishing other tasks. Having a healthy diet is key and exercise is sequential to that.

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